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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Association (EZAIC) is organizing a two day work shop on Robotics & Mobile Making in association with Symposium IIT Mumbai. The workshop is conducting by team Indian Technologies which is an official partner of Symposium 2019.Symposium is organized in association with an Initiative by Indian Tech (IIT, Mumbai)
About The Department
In the year of 2014 M.Dasan institute of technology started the Electronics and Communication Engineering Course for the benefit of students who are keen on knowing subjects from traditional to modern aspects of Electronics. The department has been continuously striving for excellence in engineering education. TheECE department of M. Dasan institute of Technology has always been on a high growth path to keep pace with the ever increasing importance of the major disciplines of study and current technological trends.
About the Association
            ECE department of M.Dasan institute of Technology launched ECE association  
E-ZAIC (Electronics Zone for Admiration and Innovations in Communication Engineering) during the year 2015. E-ZAIC has constantlybeen emphasizingon empowering students visionon emerging technologiesby conducting seminars and workshops.
About Robotics Club
            Roboticsclub, Autonomouswas inaugurated on 2018 as a part of E-ZAIC. Autonomous targets at providing interested students with opportunities and resources to express their skills, knowledge and creativity through conceptualizing, designing and programming robots.
Workshop Highlights for Mobile Making
?  Concept of Development board with each section explanation
?  Concept of GSM 900 with each part testing
?  Concept of Antenna & Communication
?  Working of Keypad,LCD,Speaker and mike practically
?  Assembling and making the mobile
?  Actual demo by calling and sending SMS
Workshop Highlights for Robotics
?  Construct Robot By Scratch .
?  Concept of Development Board.
?  Move Robot in different Direction.
?  Learn Wiring of Motor Drivers
?  Concept of Motor Driver
?  Connection of Microcontroller to Motor.
Date: 29th&30th April 2019
Registration Fees: Rs.700/- per head
Fee payment:
Account. Holder:  Aparna C
Account number: 19020100049763
IFSC Code         : FDRL0001902
Bank                    : The Federal Bank LTD
Branch                 : East Mukku. UlliyeriP.O,Kozhikode
Google Pay/Tez:
Ph: 8086010808
For details contact:
Aparna C
Assistant Professor ECE
Ph: 09495611374
Student coordinators:
Prabin K, Ph: 08606208807
Shabir Ibrahim: 07012141269