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Renewable Energy is the energy from a source that is not depleted when used, such as wind or
solar power, where as Energy Conservation is the reduction in the energy consumed in a process
/ system, or by an organization or society through economy, elimination of waste and rational
use. These can be related together and will play an important role in the days to come, hence the
relevance of the topic.
Welcome Speech           : Dr.Asokan (H.O.D, EEE Dept.)

Presidential Address     : Dr. Maheesan P.M( Principal)

Seminar Presentation   : Mr. Arun Kumar Vijayan (ANERT - Resource Person )

Felicitation                       : Prof.K.G Harshan (Vice Principal)

Vote of Thanks                : Sreelal Elamana (Asst.Professor, Dept of EEE)