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Kerala Startup Mission IEDC


Flagship initiative of Kerala Startup Mission... For building vibrant startup ecosystem in academia...
Kerala Startup Mission has set up IEDCs in higher educational institutions across the State which provide avenues for creative students to learn, collaborate and transform their innovative ideas into prototypes of viable products and services. IEDCs works as the first launch pad for a student’s entrepreneurial journey and provide them with access to cutting edge technology, world-class infrastructure, high-quality mentorship, early risk capital and global exposure. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) is a flagship initiative of Kerala Startup Mission to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the student and academic fraternity in the educational institutions in the State of Kerala and considered as an umbrella programme that would play an instrumental role in fostering innovation culture in Academic institutions.


In a significant milestone for technological advancement and innovation, M.Dasan Institute of technology received approval for its Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC) in November 2021. This achievement marked a pivotal moment for the institute, as it paved the way for fostering a culture of creativity, entrepreneurship, and technical excellence on its campus.
The establishment of the IEDC at M.DIT signaled the institution's commitment to providing a conducive environment for students to explore, ideate, and transform their innovative ideas into tangible solutions. With the approval in place, the IEDC wasted no time in initiating a series of activities aimed at nurturing a spirit of innovation among the students.
Since its inception, the IEDC at M.DIT has been a hub of activity, organizing a diverse array of technical, entrepreneurship, and innovation events within the campus.
These events have played a crucial role in shaping the educational experience for students and fostering a holistic approach to learning.
One of the key focuses of the IEDC has been organizing technical events that challenge students to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world problems. These events range from hackathons and coding competitions to robotics challenges, providing students with a platform to showcase their technical prowess. Such initiatives not only enhance the students' problem-solving skills but also encourage collaboration and teamwork.
In tandem with technical events, the IEDC has been at the forefront of promoting entrepreneurship on the campus. Through workshops, seminars, and guest lectures, the IEDC aims to instill an entrepreneurial mindset among students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the business world. Entrepreneurship events, including business plan competitions and startup challenges, have provided students with the opportunity to turn their innovative ideas into viable business ventures.
Furthermore, the IEDC has been instrumental in creating an ecosystem that encourages and supports innovation. The institute has organized innovation challenges, where students are encouraged to think outside the box and come up with solutions to societal challenges. This not only stimulates creativity but also instills a sense of social responsibility among the students.
The impact of the IEDC's efforts extends beyond the campus, as it serves as a bridge between academia and industry. Collaborations with industry experts, mentors, and successful entrepreneurs have provided students with valuable insights into the practical aspects of their chosen fields. This industry-academia synergy enhances the employability of students and prepares them for the dynamic demands of the professional world.
As a result of these initiatives, M.DIT has witnessed a palpable transformation in its academic culture. Students are not only excelling in their academic pursuits but are also actively engaged in innovative projects and entrepreneurial endeavors. The IEDC's role in shaping well-rounded, industry-ready professionals is evident in the achievements and success stories of the students associated with it.
In conclusion, the approval of the IEDC at M.DIT in November 2021 has proven to be a game-changer for the institute. The myriad of technical, entrepreneurship, and innovation events organized by the IEDC has not only enriched the educational experience for students but has also positioned M.DIT as a hub for fostering creativity and excellence in technology and entrepreneurship. Looking ahead, the IEDC is poised to continue its impactful journey, contributing to the growth and development of future innovators and leaders.

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