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Electronics and Computer Engineering

Electronics and Computer Engineering






Electronics and Computer Engineering

Electronics and Computer Engineering is the branch of Electronics Engineering that deals over the effects of the electrons to build the components, devices, systems or the equipment. Electrical Engineering basically deals with the study and the application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. A bachelor’s program in the Electronics and Computer Engineering gets you the B.Tech degree in the Electronics and the Computer Engineering Courses. Where Computer Engineering deals with the designs of the computers and the computer system which involve the design of the new hardware or the software, Computer engineers may also work on the system’s software where the design of the complex software is often the domain of the software engineering which is usually considered as the separate discipline. Electronics and Computer Engineering is the integration of electrical engineering and computer science to develop computer systems. The computer engineers are also involved in the hardware and the software aspects of the computing, where the Master Degree further earns to the M.Tech.
The highlights for the study of the course of Electronics and Computer Engineering are :
Duration : 4 years
Examination type : semester
Eligibility Minimum of 45[%] In Plus Two Science 
The courses study here includes the computer applications and system and here it deals with the designing and the developing the computer software and the hardware processes. Through this course, the students will be able to understand and also learn and use the different programming languages, and the digital and the analogue electronics, also about the networking and the telecommunications, etc.

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