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Mechanical Engineering



Mechanical engineering is one of the major areas in the engineering and its principles are involved in the design, study, development and construction of physical devices and systems, along with controls. Continued research and development have led to the development better machines and processes helping the mankind to ease the tasks & to achieve the never thought possible dreams. 
The spectrum of professional activity for the mechanical engineering graduate runs from R&D to manufacturing, production, sales and marketing. Moreover, the comprehensive training and education attained by mechanical engineers are often called upon to assume managerial roles. Industry is in need of qualified mechanical engineering technologists that, upon graduation, are able to apply state-of-the-art tools in the areas of computer-aided design, finite element modeling and analysis, and the concepts of advanced mechanical design to the creation of sophisticated machines and systems.
Established in the year 2014 with an initial intake of 60 students, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has progressed by leaps and bounds in all respects in a short span of time. The Department is an outstanding example of the college's insistence on quality education appropriate to the needs of industry. The department faculty consists of well-qualified and experienced professionals having a proven track record in academics and industry. The faculty is well prepared to train competent Mechanical Engineering professionals in the field of engineering to meet requirements of industry and research organization academics etc.


- Provide a platform to students towards attaining quality education in Mechanical Engineering and motivate them to go up the ladder of professional growth.
- Educate students on professional and ethical responsibilities of a mechanical engineer by imparting training in awareness on community services, entrepreneurship, hard and soft skills and team work.
- Create opportunities through curricular and non-curricular career development programs and develop industry-ready graduates in Mechanical Engineering.


A Centre of excellence in Mechanical Engineering fostering innovative and resourceful mechanical engineers to meet the technical challenges encountered by the society and the nation.


- Ability to perform as professional engineers and pursue higher studies with strong knowledge gained during undergraduate education.
Perform successfully as individuals or as team leaders/members keeping utmost professional ethics and social commitment.
Use the state of art tools and techniques to face the current technical and environmental challenges faced by the society.
Adopt professional growth as their motto by engaging in lifelong learning to meet latest demands of technological changes related to engineering.


Industry readiness: The graduates shall be able to  apply design, manufacturing and management principles to solve real-life engineering problems.
Contribution to society: The graduates shall be able to apply mechanical engineering knowledge in entrepreneurship, consultancy and social involvement.
Industry Institute Interaction: The graduates shall  be able to  interact with Industries to fosters their skills. 


The department of Mechanical Engineering at MDIT offers 4 year B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degree programme in Mechanical Engineering. The first batche of the Department (Batch 2014-18) was affiliated to University of Calicut, Kerala. From 2015 onwards, all engineering colleges in Kerala were unified in affiliation to A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU), and henceforth our B.Tech degree programmes too. Therefore, our B.Tech degree curriculum is in accordance with the scheme and syllabus of University of Calicut for batche admitted in 2014 and then in accordance with the scheme and syllabus of KTU for batches admitted from 2015 onwards. 
The B.Tech curriculum of KTU covers broadly the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Life skills and Sustainable engineering. Core subjects in Mechanical Engineering are under the categories of Material science and technology, Thermal and fluid sciences, Applied mechanics, Production engineering, Industrial engineering and Management, Mechanical systems, Design and analysis.  The syllabus comprises of various theory and laboratory courses under these categories. The theory courses comprises of Core courses and Elective courses. Each core theory course has a laboratory component, which provides a balanced mix in the quality of theoretical concepts taught in classrooms and experimental verification of the same. Overall, the undergraduate KTU curriculum in Mechanical Engineering programme is spread over 8 semesters and designed to have a total of 180 credits.



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